Monday, May 2, 2011

Black Bean, and Green Split Pea Yellow soup! I got high ratings for this one! :)

So, this post is by request from William, we loved having you here this weekend! :)

I used my freezer scrap broth to make this - see how to do this on the previous post. It is yellow because of the amount of Organic Tumeric used.

I soaked the black beans overnight - 2 nites, then boiled them rapidly for hours and they weren't cooked! Then boiled them again rapidly for hours the next night and then they were almost cooked, so I just threw them in the crock pot with some green split peas.

I didn't really intend to make this a soup, I wanted it to be like an Indian Dal to put over rice, but because I put so much extra broth in it to cook the beans and peas in the crock pot, it turned into soup! :)

Probably a cup each of organic black (turtle) beans and organic green split peas. 

I put the crock pot on high to bring the broth up to a boil to cook the green peas and finish cooking the black beans. By the way, it's wise to simmer beans slowly - I have no idea why it took so long to cook these beans, especially after they were soaked for two nites! :)

Anyway, to the beans and peas I added 2 teaspoons of Organic Tumeric. I know, that's a lot of Tumeric, but according to the Culinary Herbalist, these are medicinal quantities. I also added some Steak Salt that I was trying to get rid of, that had pepper in it and God knows what which is why I was trying to use it up. I don't want to be cooking with things I don't know about! :) Yeah, I guess I could throw it away... but I won't!  It's almost gone now. To this I added about a teaspoon each of Curry and Ground Organic Cumin Seed (ground in my coffee grinder), later I will make my own curry when I run out of this commercial variety and then I sprinkled some pepper seeds into it. As I use up my dehydrated Chile de Ancho, Chile de Arbol, New Mexico and Guajillo peppers, I just pour the little pieces of pepper and seeds that fell to the bottom of the bag into a spice jar and sprinkle them liberally over just about everything I cook.

Also according to the Culinary Herbalist, you should always start out with sauteeing onions, garlic and ginger. So, I did that and all scraps went into my freezer scrap bag for the next broth. The Culinary Herbalist also says our daily intake of Garlic should be 3 cloves per person, so since I was making soup for four, I minced about 12 cloves of organic garlic in this saute. I also minced a piece of organic ginger the size of my thumb, two sliced up (julienne?) jalepeno peppers and half to 3/4 of a bright red organic onion. Bright greens, deep reds and purples - these are the colours I look for in my produce, get your phytonutrients!! :) To this saute I added about 4 chopped, unpeeled organic carrots and 4 chopped un-deveined (sorry Grandma) stalks of organic celery and sauteed them just for a minute.

I threw the sauteed mix into the crock pot and chopped up an organic zucchini and threw that in there. Let it simmer until it was time to eat. Yummy!!! We're almost all organic, still using up some conventional stuff, but we're getting there!

So, this is not a standard recipe where I list all the ingredients first, but listed them throughout the steps so I wouldn't forget what I did. I hope this style reads okay because I do prefer the traditional style recipe myself!

I think you will LOVE this soup! It should feed about 6 or 8. There were 3 of us eating friday and the guys each had two bowls, I could only eat one as it was so filling due to the spiciness.

We have one quart mason jar leftover which we will eat tonite for dinner along with some leftovers from our unplanned Cinco de Mayo party this weekend (on Triente de Avril), yum!!! Fun fun fun!!!

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