Tuesday, March 22, 2011

New, Safe, Homemade Cleaning Solution - Vinegar, Borax and Tea Tree Oil

I  have been experimenting with natural cleaning products of late as more and more people have been blogging about them. I love the Borax and Washing soda for my laundry but I don't think I like it as much for general household cleaning as I like using vinegar, Borax and Tea Tree Oil. :)
I used about 1/4c Vinegar, 2 Tblsp Borax and 40 drops of Tea Tree Oil.
I put some HOT water in a bowl, dissolved the Borax as best I could and then poured this into the spray bottle, added the Vinegar and Tea Tree Oil, then filled it with water. Shook well.
It worked great!
I used it on my stove top - I actually took it apart and sprayed it in places I normally don't clean because they're hidden and walked away for less than a minute, when I came back and wiped, EVERYTHING came up. No effort on my part at all, it just wiped away!
The stuff that had been there forever that Bleach, Soft Scrub, other stuff, and no amount of elbow grease could get rid of, this mixture cleaned it right up. That's probably why I never went under there, I was so frustrated I couldn't clean it before! :)
Now, I don't know if it was that it was Bragg's Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, the Borax, the combination, or if just regular vinegar would have done it, but whatever it was, it worked and I am so happy! :)

The next time I make it I am just going to use regular vinegar, water, and squeeze citrus juice and put the rind in,  and Tea Tree Oil. I also read you only need a few tablespoons of vinegar. So, that is what I will do next. I'll likely eventually post about it! :)

Note: I wish I was more patient and diligent tho to see to it that the Borax was all dissolved as it can clog up the spray bottle... be sure the Borax has completely dissolved in the hot water before you pour it in the spray bottle! :)

Be blessed in your Spring Cleaning! :)

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